Implementation of new server solutions

VirtueWorld company will design, provide and implement information systems based on High Availibility technologies, net clusters , movement balancing systems which are key systems from the point of view of widely defined system management.

One of the implemented systems assuring continuity of Server performance is the application of network clusters with simultaneous use of traffic balancing systems.

Cluster system is built from mutually connected Servers (so called nodes) which create a single, highly effective and breakdown-resistant server platform. Failure of one server included in the cluster system will not cause a break in the whole cluster operation. When a network cluster is used, the element improving its work is the system of balancing load of particular services on the server. This function enables arrangement of the load generated by services on all nodes that are in the server cluster.

Thanks to the above, the computing power of all the units clipped in the cluster is used in the most optimal and even way and it guarantees the highest quality of services and eliminates the majority of failures caused by overloading a server.

VirtueWorld also designs and implements software supporting the performance of the Servers. What we mean are fully automated systems of data archiving which operate in the background and do not disturb work of the server and do not decrease its efficiency. We have also in our offer platforms for management of hosting platforms.

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