1. PhotoBlog.pl
    The design and implementation of home’s page template and the administrative panel for one of the largest polish community sites www.PhotoBlog.pl.
  2. VirtueCMS
    The draft functional graphical interface and the broad administrative panel for the content management system and an electronic system for archiving documents made based on a VirtueCMS system.
  3. Polish Association of Deaf Promena SP.z o.o
    New website for Factory Promena Sp.z o.o involved in the production of steel products.
  4. Portowy Zakład Techniczny S.A.
    New website for the Portowy Zakład Techniczny S.A.
  5. TwojGolf.pl
    Www.TwojGolf.pl online shop with golf equipment, made on the basis of the CMS Joomla 1.5 and VirtueMart components.
  6. Poreba-Docieplenia.pl
    Website made for the company's service and construction Poreba, mainly dealing with warming and elevation of buildings.
  7. DNSPanel.com
    Website promotes domains management system. See also domain management system called DNSPanel in our projects.
  8. PolskaKsięgarnia.co.uk
    Online book store in UK Poska Ksiegarnia FONT www.polskaksiegarnia.co.uk.
  9. ActivKlub.com
    New internet website for fitness and recreation club Activ.
  10. Ikatur.com.pl
    Internet website for Ikatur - tourism company.
  11. Ewesa.pl
    New Ewesa’s website project, Company specializes in planning, organization and coordination of promotional activities.