Designing and implementation of VPN networks

Drafts of VPN connections

Virtual private VPN are gaining in popularity all the time, not only among home users but mainly among big corporations seeking solutions which increase work productivity and minimize costs. Increased efficiency can be achieved both by connecting two servers as well as by creating client-server connections, preserving security of data transmission and at the same time utilizing the flexibility of the system.

The VirtueWorld offer consists of a wide choice of VPN solutions prepared to satisfy your expectations. Designed solutions include both client’s programming and VPN systems containing firewall and high class VPN, which will enable high compression and encryption of the transferred data.

The Security consultants of VirtueWorld will provide you with precise information on the possibilities of the VPN network; they will design solutions including various methods (both hardware as software) of connecting your agencies into a private network of a VPN type.

The offer will be based on the design. Once you accept it, it will be followed by implementation of a VPN network which will become a comprehensive element of your business and it will assure the highest level of data encryption offered today in commercial solutions.

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