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VirtueWorld Ltd. is a leading company focused on the design and implementation of Internet services, network and server solutions, as well as developing software needed for Internet solutions.

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The World of modern technologiesThe World of modern technologies

Our experience, flexibility and speed of execution are based on precise understanding of the unique needs of your business . This allows us to design, build and provide a fully integrated IT system which will enable you to maximize work productivity and minimize the cost of your business, a key aspect of running a business both today and tomorrow.

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Design of Internet websitesDesign of Internet websites

Internet constitutes a world of mutual connections. It enables a virtually unlimited number of contacts, thus contributing to increasing your company’s effectiveness.
Owning an Internet site is an essential and indispensable tool of sales and marketing. It requires as much care in designing it as you do when you design a signboard in front of your company’s building or advertising brochures. After all, an Internet site is a global mark of every company. It can be visited by future clients at any time of day and night, from anywhere in the word. A web site professionally prepared by qualified specialists is vital to your business, as it will encourage visitors to take advantage of your offer. Each website is designed individually by a project manager, whose task is to create a contemporary image for your firm and and to promote it on the Internet.

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Web Applications ProgrammingWeb Applications Programming

Development of modern technologies has created a continuous need for of updating the software and adapting it to the growing demands of the market. VirtueWorld will help you to solve this problem, providing dynamic, fully modularized applications, thus guaranteeing the ease of further development.

Standardised programmes or conventional solutions become insufficient for the fast growing business. We propose complex development of technology in your company. If you don’t intend to change software you have been using so far we can develop it to fully meet your needs and to modernize it.

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Server SolutionsServer Solutions

Technology development carries along the necessity of server platform expansion (including hosting).
The Server section will provide you with the design and implementation of the server infrastructure, adapted to the demands of applications and information systems you use. We can also help you in development of present server infrastructure, optimizing its work and decreasing the risk of a server breakdown.

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Network SolutionsNetwork Solutions

Using innovative solutions, VirtueWorld will create for your Company an Intranet web which will communicate with management systems. Using mobile connections with the intra-company net, your representatives will have permanent access to all information included on Intranet. This will allow simultaneous input of orders from any place in the world directly from meetings with your clients.

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